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Hey guys! It has been a long time since I have been here! :) I will try to be active this summer!

I made a new fandom blog. If you want to see harry potter, hunger games, percy jackson, divergent, and etc in your dashboard, then follow mione-fied.tumblr.com

Want to be PROMOTED to x,xxx? :)
PM me to know how!
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Once upon a dream
mahoushojowannabe-deactivated20 asked: "If I meet you in real life..." it would most likely be in Paris. Your blog makes me think of the city. A vintage cafe with pastel colored walls and cute white chairs... you would be drinking tea from a little white porcelain cup with pink floral pattern while reading a hard cover book. I would ask for an autograph on my sketchbook ; u ;

Awww…you are so sweet <3 I wish! :D

allyoupeoplearevampires99 asked: EU AMO SEU BLOG :)

Thanks! :) lol i dont really understand that but there is google translator!;D 

pastellroyaltiie asked: I love your blog. *o*

Thank you! :)

vintageflowerxo asked: your blog is amazinggg❤.

Thank you so much! <3 

allyoupeoplearevampires99 asked: adoro seu blog!!

Thanks! <3

Anonymous asked: Painters do express because they paint themselves but all pastel, vintage, boho, hipster, bw (etc) blogs do is click a reblog button.

i am loke a painter. i express myself through the pics i like. its my passion. i can express myself through all those pics.

why wont you stop? YA OK YOU ARE RIGHThat’s what you needed right?

Anonymous asked: that anon is still on the same subject? anon, please. get over it. you're not going anywhere. she said so herself. she has a PRIVATE personal blog. there are many ways of expressing yourself trough pictures. hense what some photographers do. her blog expresses happyness and love and what SHE loves. Please drop this subject and leave her alone :/ maybe you express a different way, but that does not mean everyone else has to

this message. thanks for understanding me.

oh btw, to the other anon: its like saying painters dont express :)

Anonymous asked: Ugh, I'm not judging you- I'm just saying your understanding of the word 'express' is wrong.

ah…i may not me the smartest person in the world, but i sure now how to understand. i express in my own way. you dont understand. that’ still judging. you know my name, not my story. 

Anonymous asked: Express: Convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct

but there are more ways.

gow i express? i am that girl who is not really that girly outside. but inside,i want to buy cute and pink stuff. so, i made tis blog. because no one would judge me. but sadly, some people are :(

Anonymous asked: No, there is nothing wrong with her blog- infact it is my favourite but expressing yourself is more about emotion, what you feel and what you are thinking so I just think it wrong, in this case, to say you express. 'blog to express, not to impress' just doesn't work for non personal blogs. I agree you don't blog just to impress but definitely not to express.

thanks. :)

nah….you guys dont understand me. you dont understand how i express. sorry for bothering you.  there are different ways of expressing, you know. You just really dont know me that much, so do not judge me. :)

Anonymous asked: anon: honestly.. not everyone on tumblr is like super depressed. not everyone is like "i want to kill myslef" this girl happens to love pinks and cute things. Is it a problem to you? It's her theme, she can make it pretty if she wants to. If it's such a problem, you can unfollow her. Her blog is amazing. and if that's how she expresses herself, then so be it.

i hope you will understand us, anon :)

And thank you, btw :-)
Anonymous asked: um how do you express yourself by posting pretty pink pictures and making your blog look nice instead of having a personal blog posting what you feel? This isn't expressing yourself the only blogs that do a proper personal blogs.

you know my name, not my story

so, all those blogs who post pretty pictures arent expressing? NO

they are expressing themselves with photos. pink and cute

e things have always been my passion. i never got sick of posting these pink photos. why do i make my theme prety? because i want to. i have always wanted to designnotebooks and things in rl but i always fail. so i can only make the things in my head happen here. i design themes for this reason. 

I do have a personal blog. But its a private one.
Anonymous asked: you are so right, thats what tumblr is about now a days. its about being famous and having a lot of followers (not everybody tho). they didn't realize that blogs like this is about expressing yourself through picts, words and vids. and this goes to everybody out there that you should not go anon and send hate messages. thats rude and mean, right?

this. please read :)

yes, its rude and mean if someone will send you hate.

Anonymous asked: I want a picture or text that looks like GIFs

sorry, anon. im not a pro at this :(

Anonymous asked: Lilette! I'm sorry but I steal some of your themes. hehe.. I'm very very very sorry. :( Is it okay to you to put your name in the theme is steal. :( I'm so so sorry, Please forgive. I'll tell my real blog if you promise this will be our little secret. :) Please forgive me.

aw…please go off anon. i will just answer you privately. i dont bite if you will tell th truth.